Hidden them.

Hiding ‘them’, I walked off,
merged in the noise,
an excuse to forget,
to fill that void.

‘they’ urged to pop out,
‘they’ wished to get spilled,
I suppressed ‘them’ inside,
as that void couldn’t be filled.

‘They’ turned into words,
striking out my mind,
making me pen them down
on paper I could find.

Finally, ‘they’ found,
their way to flow down,
when words filled the paper
and eyes moistened the ground .

‘they’ teased me then hard,
for I couldn’t stop ‘them’ there,
Yes, I could see ‘them’ out,
yes, I could see my ‘tears’.

My adventurous training!

India Monsoon Flooding

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Finally, it was there! On 24th August, 2015, I got my joining letter. I was elated, relaxed, felt like this was the end, I had reached my destination. I couldn’t stop smiling and announced everybody at home that I was going to join the company on 12th Oct, 2015. My hands couldn’t get off my mobile in order to inform my family and friends about this good news.

But wait, what was the location? Oops, I forgot to check! Immediately I checked my training location going through that mail, and it was Chennai!

‘Chennai? But it was none of my preferences!’ My ear-to-ear smile got shrunken a bit by the thought of Chennai.

Being positive, I consoled my heart and thought it was just for 2 months then I would get my preferred location. So my inner sole consoled me saying…2 months, not an issue man. I proceeded with reading the letter and my smiling lips turned to horizontally straight when I read the clause saying that I was pre-mapped to Chennai.

‘What! This never happens to anybody. People get their preferred location in their jobs’. But it happened to my batch people, who got joining for 12th October, 2015. That day, sitting next to my family’s cheerful faces, I could recall the day when I was asked about this “location” thing during my placement interview and I answered very confidently that, ‘Any location would be fine with me because what matters to me is my job irrespective of my location. In fact, that would be an opportunity to me exploring new culture’Oh my god, what confidence!

Now what next? I, typical northy, packed my bags in order to explore the new culture…indeed! None of my friends got Chennai as their base location, so whenever they heard about my location they used to give me that “eyes-wide-open-jaws-fall-down” expression and I had no other choice than laughing, at them…or at my situation! Oh wait, also I didn’t get my preferred stream to get trained in…now that’s called perfect luck! But being ‘B positive’ blood group, I just went on, thinking whatever happens, it’s for the best! …yeah really!

Started with the training, it was not that easy in the beginning, bearing the fears of clearing the weekly tests. But later, it seemed getting interesting, quite manageable. Another luck factor, we people had to work on Saturdays too! I moved on thinking it’s for the best! Seriously!

For first month, I stayed in a hostel that provided south-indian meals only and referred two of my northy friends who didn’t like it at all because of food. Whenever we had our lunch/dinner in the hostel, I had to bear their crying faces on every bite of that meal. Well not my fault, I could find that hostel the best in terms of living…fine except for food.

‘How can you eat this food with this patience?’ One of my friends Anshika used to ask me this question.

‘I think we should explore every new thing with zeal, I am having food with such a spirit.’ This used to be my answer, but with every single bite my inner sole screamed for…ROTI!!!

‘No still, where to bring this spirit from?’ Anshika’s reply

Grrrr not again! LOL, practice baby’. I laughed and closed the topic.

Anyhow we planned to shift to other hostel that provided north-indian food and we did. Atleast then, I didn’t have to bear my friends’ crying faces and my inner sole’s anger.

Made friends, enjoyed beach, and one day we planned for Mahabalipuram. It was cloudy that day, still I was all in urge to get ready and move to Mahabalipuram. It started drizzling but I was very sure that it would stop after an hour or so. My friends started backing off one by one but no, I had applied kajal then, we had to move out…how stupid! The drizzling thing became “The rain” and we had to cancel our plan. Silently, I lied in my bed, taking selfies, watching trees and dancing leaves outside of my window. It had been 20-25 days in Chennai. Recalling the first day in Chennai, when I used to pronounce the names of bus-stops in long syllables, and now how fluent I had become uttering those names…this is called improvement, I slept off.

Next morning, as usual I got up, and got to know that it rained whole night! We all left for office…and what the shit it is! Within a minute we got drenched before we could hire an auto. “The rain” came in its form and we all became its victims. There was no electricity in my hostel, I was sitting aside of window thinking of the day when I heard about one friend who stayed one full day without electricity in his hostel and my reaction on this news was, ‘My god I don’t understand how could he stay there’. There later on, I spent 3 days without electricity…Time could show you anything and heals everything.

That continuous raining, that no electricity thing, that getting super bored, that staring at mobile without signal and battery, that watching rivers on roads, boats instead of bikes, that playing antakshari with friends in dark room…typical girlish, that being in a room without electricity for “three” days, that birthday celebration in such darkness, those mosquito-bites, that walking in knee-length water on roads, those mind-threatening news about people dying out of flood in Chennai, that missing home, that making 100 plans to leave for home but couldn’t and that leaving for home in 5 minutes of packing, that running for bus under rain, those extreme viral days, that completion of 2 months training in 4 months and what not! It was a tough time though, but now when I recall those days, I end up in laughing at each other, even at myself.


P.S. Written with due respect to every indian culture explaining just the emotions on different siuations.

Better alone


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When life takes turn,
from spring to sun-burns,
undergoes a cyclone,
I feel I’m alone.

The breeze of joy,
has ceased to blow,
the shiny stars,
forgotten to glow,
that world has gone,
turning me pale and low ,
escaping from reality,
I fake as I don’t know.

I so need that planet,
to search for that joy,
to search for my smile,
that’s silently destroyed,
I look for those days,
when I used to enjoy,
where I was when loved,
and not treated as toy.

That world seems running away,
as I run fast,
there’s no window no doorway,
to enter, alas!
I speed up to get back,
some memories that long last,
that world pushed me hard away,
to present from past.

Lying in the reality,
watching that world gone,
making me see the truth,
making me all alone,
no breeze, no more love,
no clouds under but stones,
I wish for it to appear once,
to bring back my dawn.

Melancholy I cry,
waving that world goodbye,
no one is now to count on,
I feel I am then better alone.


Scorching- Five Sentence Fiction

She didn’t want to even step out, but she knew there was no such option to save herself from the villainous rays of sun in hot summer days.

The innocent and thirsty faces of her children made her fly out under the scorching sun in search for some water.

She flew in installments, taking pauses under the trees passing by her way.

It was her motherly love and natural duty which plunged her to keep flying in severe hot day until she successfully reached destination.

The burning rays kept showering on her but those satisfied faces of her children made her forget all the pain she bore previously!

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Image Copied

Linking this post to Five Sentence Fiction.This week’s prompt- Scorching

##Writing after a long break! Finally, getting out of “writer’s block”. ##

Thanking the window-FSF

What a peaceful nap I was having after the family event last night, when suddenly the head stroking alarm scared the hell out of me , making my heart pumping faster that happened to open my hard-to-open eyes wide.

I shut the alarm off and closed my eyes tight in order to get back to the peaceful world of dreams again.

In no time I felt that soothing breeze embracing my face urging me to open my eyes in such a tenderly fashion.

I wanted to keep feeling it for long when to add to its grace, the mild sun rays fell all over my face pampering me with their heavenly warmth around.

I opened my eyes with a smile and could not stop myself admiring the beautiful morning view outside, thanking the window which was left half-opened last night.


This post is written in response to the Five Sentnce Fiction prompt-Open.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Bed time(FSF)

Stuck in the busy schedule of the day, the only thing that makes me going on is my bedtime.

I crave for the time when I jump inside the bed and relax myself, taking off from the real world and entering into the world of comforts, fantasies and peace.

The time when I am all away from the crowd, head-splitting noise, some unbearable elements of life whom we still have to bear as life doesn’t sometimes leave us with any other option.

The time, when I analyse myself, when I analyse my entire day, how it went, whether I made it worth, are there any scopes of improvement in my lifestyle, at the end whether I am satisfied by myself!

It is indeed the best time of my day, the time I yearn for, every single day, right from the dawn.

This post is written in response to the Five Sentence Fiction prompt-Bedtime.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Place chase!


I pant everywhere,
to find such a place,
where I can stay quiet,
with comfort and space.

Place where silence rules,
where violence doesn’t stay,
where I find my pleasure,
where I find my way.

Place so intriguing,
to frame out my words,
that boggle my mind,
to form a well verse.

Place finding my smile,
which somewhere has lost,
in this untrue world,
my smile was at cost.

Place where I am I,
where I don’t have to fake,
where I need to escape,
I chase such place for a break.

Jolly New Year-FSF


The day when exams got over was so jovial that I could not stop smiling on watching the beautiful scene as I stepped out of my college.
On rolling my eyes around, I could see the glitter in everybody’s eyes, due to a number of reasons like Christmas celebrations, people like me preparing to catch train to home, some others were busy shopping carrying loads of bags wearing a close-up smile on their faces and so on.
Even while waiting for the train, I saw a number of jolly faces passing by, lost in their own worlds of happiness and excitement, some planning to surprise their loved ones and some got surprised by their loved ones.
Watching such a mesmerizing scene around disturbed my loneliness and I could feel the fragrance of New Year blowing all around me.
Time passed by and my train stood right in front, tempting me to jump inside and get a step closer to see my family and friends after a long time in this new year.

Linking this post to the Five Sentence Fiction prompt- Jolly.

Lillie McFerrin Writes


I wonderpebble

how multipurpose these pebbles are!

When hit, they cause noise,

when rubbed, they cause spark!

I praise

how elegant they could be!

when thrown, they twirl aside,

when furnished, they turn lovely.

I see

How strong is their attack!

when alone, flow with stream,

when muster, stream flows back.

I learn

How they resist things!

When quiet, get into pieces,

when violent, damage they bring.

This post is written in response to the Poetry Jam prompt- Pebbles.


I could ask him heaps, but the silence from months didn’t let me do so.conf

We both were enhancing the uncomfortable silence in the room and I was still in the dilemma after seeing those papers which he threw on the table for me, waiting for response.

Quiet, but baffled, trying to figure out the reason of his ultimate heart-breaking action, but couldn’t reach to any conclusion.

May be my mistake was that I didn’t ever tell him my needs, my wishes, bearing his ill-treatment, tried to flow with the flow and today as I raised my voice against that violence, I’m further punished with divorce papers lying right in front of me.

Was that really my mistake?

This post is written in response to the Five Sentence Fiction prompt- Confusion

Lillie McFerrin Writes